Contract Manufacturing

Breathe Laboratories Pvt.Ltd  undertakes exclusive manufacturing of APIs and intermediates. We specialize in producing products through novel processes, taking full advantage of our core competencies, equipment and facilities. Our superior chemistry and problem-solving skills coupled with our many years of experience help us in rendering value in terms of cost, speed and quality and we do so adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


  • Drug Substance Manufacturing
    • API Manufacturing
    • Impurity Synthesis
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Custom synthesis and process development in lab to establish proof of concept
  • Scale up studies for any given process
  • Reduction in cost of existing processes
  • Commercial manufacture of APIs using patent non infringing processes in cGMP facilities
  • Regulatory documentation, including DMFs (CTD format)
  • Scale-up production from a few kgs to tons

The company looks to follow the industrial standards required in pharmaceutical industries and as such has got the following Licenses and Permissions -

  • Entrepreneur Memorandum Number for Small Enterprise (Formerly Permanent SSI Registeration No.)II
  • Commissionerate (D.I.C.), Telangana.
  • License from industrial health and safety department (Formerly Factory Act).
  • Consent for Air, Water & Hazardous waste from T.P.C.B.
  • Poison License from Collector, Valsad for storage and use of Methanol.
  • MA I License from Prohibition & Excise Telangana. Govt. for storage and use of Methanol.
  • MA II License from Prohibition & Excise Telangana. Govt. for selling of Methanol.
  • Explosives License from Dept of Explosive for storage of Methanol.
  • Permission from Employees' State Insurance Corporation.
  • V.A.T. & C.S.T. for Manufacturing & Trading.